Using SCI Microscopy LED array/dome on Squid

Support for SCI Microscopy LED array/dome has been added around this commit: add support for SCI Microscopy LED array/dome · hongquanli/octopi-research@2715ab8 · GitHub.

Since the LED array/dome also uses Teensy, SN number for the LED array/dome and the Squid controller need to be specified in the configuration ini file in the software folder(see below for example):

controller_sn = "00000000"
support_scimicroscopy_led_array = True
scimicroscopy_led_array_sn = "11111111"
scimicroscopy_led_array_distance = 50
scimicroscopy_led_array_default_na = 0.8
scimicroscopy_led_array_default_color = (1,1,1)

To find the SN of the Squid controller and the LED array/dome, connect one device at a time and run python3 in the software folder.