SQUID upgrade with automatic filter wheel

Inspired by the new Benchtop mesoSPIM light sheet microscope, I bought a compact low-cost automatic filter wheel and mounted it (with some 3d printed adaptors that we will upload on Printables these coming days) on the squid microscope. For context: I installed a multi-band filter and now we can see all four fluorescence windows at the same time or select each individually using the extra blocking filters. This way we can tell the response of different dyes apart that get excited with the same illumination channel. The filter wheel comes with a selection simple software that we are able to run on the same ubuntu machine.

The mini-filter wheel can be sourced directly from China: EFW 7x36mm / EFW 8 x 1.25โ€ณ(31mm) / EFW Mini - Discovery Astrophotography with ZWO ASTRO

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